And so it begins…

Berlin, 8 November

Well, I’m here. In truth, I was never going to be anywhere else.


I will write more later, but for now, just some small photos.

The Berliner Zeitung was pretty much devoted to the event today:


There are large screens all around the city centre telling the story of the Wall, of the protests in the late 1980s, and of the fall of the Wall.




You will probably have read about the lights which have been set up along the old route of the Wall. It makes you realise just how dominant it must have been to find rows of lights off side streets, in areas which we now just walk past without knowing what used to be here.






There’s a moving (official) video here. And here’s what it looked like from the air. And a lovely portrayal of how the city has evolved here.


On Sunday, there are events from 2pm onwards, with a big concert (and probably speeches, this is Germany after all). No Bowie, but Peter Gabriel singing “Heroes” by the Brandenburg Gate. That will bring back memories for a lot of people.

Thank goodness I brought my “proper” camera!

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