Berlin in pictures

We managed to develop five films yesterday. Well, we (LoLo and I) did two so she could see how it was done, then develop her own one herself, after which she decided it was time for a break and I did the other three. So today, something of Berlin and surroundings (aka Potsdam) as I saw it for a couple of weeks. All black and white of course, part of this year’s photography experiment. There’s another film to come (still in the camera) with some shots I’m already rather excited to see.

Wherever you go in Berlin, history is not far away. The Reichstag, for example, was once burned down by Hitler’s henchmen and has now been redesigned by Norman Foster, with an amazing structure inside the dome covering much of the roof:

Berlin 2 012


And then there’s the Berlin cathedral, with its magnificent organ:

Berlin 1 031


But enough of the tourist traps.

I like shapes and the way they can frame a picture:

Berlin 1 028

Berlin 1 006

Berlin 3 033


There’s a bike theme developing here:

Berlin 4 032

That last one I just found amusing really.

I found that I was seeing shapes and patterns everywhere:

Berlin 3 030

Berlin 2 029

Berlin 3 006

Some of which were entirely more sombre. These are the train tracks where Jews were deported from Berlin in the 1940s:

Berlin 2 037

Potsdam is famous for its palace, modelled on Versailles, but my favourite building is hidden, a few minutes’ walk from the palace and most of the people. I love its geometry and the light and shadows within the same space. At the end of the day, photography is all about light.

Berlin 2 023

Berlin 2 033

And a few from just walking around:




Berlin 3 001 Berlin 3 008


And finally, some of the people, who really do come from all over the world. In some parts of the city, all the signs outside the shops are in English only because of the diversity of the population living there. It’s not unheard of to encounter a native German having to order something in English because the person in a shop speaks no German.

Alexanderplatz is at the heart of the city – we were watching an impromptu show of some description and I turned around and saw this person having a sleep in the middle of the day.

Berlin 1 004


These three were playing some very unusual music which seemed to be trying to blend jazz and hip-hop:

Berlin 4 033


And then one of them came across the road to where were standing waiting to order our burgers (they are very good burgers, even if they are made in what used to be a public toilet, right under a railway track):

Berlin 4 025

It turned out that he was from New York and we got chatting – he was encouraging everyone to get involved with a cause which had something to do with the further evolution of mankind and how mushrooms are the answer. We should, he said, be more like the trees which evolved from mushrooms. I tried to establish what that meant in practice, but then we got onto mushrooms and Chernobyl – “Google it,” he said.

And this musician was playing “The Sound of Silence” when we came by. I suspect he has an interesting life story. And I am always grateful when people are happy for me to take their picture.

Berlin 3 020


And that’s some of what I see when I’m in Berlin.


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