Closer to home

Do you find yourself thinking you know some cities that you have only visited better than the ones you have lived in? Well, of course, you know them differently. As a tourist, for one thing, when you have time to wander around, find what events are happening and not have to think, what else do I have to do that day. 

I realised that I have this problem when it comes to photography. Wandering around Edinburgh I’m concentrating too much on where I’m going and what I have to do and simply not seeing everything that is around me. Which is why so many of my photos are from other places.

I hope to correct that imbalance slightly this week.

The Union Canal runs through the heart of Scotland, connecting the centre of Edinburgh with Falkirk. It’s where I do a lot of my running because once you’re about four miles out, the city disappears and you are running along the towpath beside open fields, in the shadow of rows of trees and under beautiful stone bridges that take you back to a different time.

The trouble with running it is that I never have my camera with me, and even if I did, I would not be stopping to take photos. So last week, everything went well and I found an hour to jump on my bike and get out to the parts of the canal that make the distance out to there worthwhile. And here’s what I came across.

Just over a mile from the city centre:

But it gets a lot better later on just because the water equals reflections everywhere:

And bridges with the sun behind them give us real contrasts:

Welcome to a different world:

And my favourite (yes, I got the birds in it!)

Maybe I will have to find a way of taking that camera with me on my runs after all…

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