I have now been to Mecca. Or at least the one of ballet in Scotland, imaginatively called Scottish Ballet. This was for LoLo’s audition, which we didn’t get to see (this is a good thing, it’s not fair to put parents through that kind of experience).


Thanks to Google maps, we knew where we were going but the reality is always different from how you imagine it, just as everyone imagines the characters and scenes in a book differently, no matter how painstakingly the author has given details of everything. We knew we had to turn right at a church and spotted that straight away, but what we hadn’t seen on Streetview was the incredibly obvious Scottish Ballet building beside it (you’ll see from the picture at the end that it’s hard to miss!). It’s part of a building which was used to build over 1,200 trams from the 1900s and later aircraft wings during the Second World War. And of course, having never been anywhere near that part of Glasgow, we knew nothing of the history of the building.

The sole purpose of being there was dance, but as well as partly housing and partly hiding Scottish ballet, depending on which side of the building you enter from, there was a beautiful garden looking out onto a large mosque next door,


as well as rolling exhibitions of various forms of artwork inside and a huge brick chimney outside (aka photo op):


The auditions were in groups of 20-25 and it’s always impressive to see the dedication and determination of these youngsters, for some of whom dance is the most important thing in their lives. There was lots of swapping of favourite steps, plans for the future (dance only of course) and e-mail addresses. And we found out about other dance programmes from other parents, which we’ve since been investigating further. The bottom line is that there is no short way to success in dance – it takes time, effort and a lot of resilience. Much like anything else worth doing. And you could see on their faces how much they enjoyed what they do, no matter how far it takes them.


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