Here we go again…

So, the general election appears to be starting now. It feels different from previous ones somehow. Maybe it’s the overall weariness, the constant bickering and accusations, the refusal to see any good in the other side, or the apparent minimal difference between some of the main parties. And our obsession with the personality of the leaders.

Helpfully, the BBC has done a summary of what the parties claim they will do:

You can form your own view on the extent to which they are likely to do any of this. I struggle to believe that past performance is, in this case, not a good indicator of future performance.

I’ve mentioned before a useful experiment, which is to have a look at this site:

Again, there’s a summary of the policies of each of the parties, the key difference being that you don’t know which policy comes from which party. And while, yes, you can guess some of them, that defeats the purpose. The point is, I think, to take out our biases and preconceptions and see which party most closely aligns with our own views on subjects.

Have a go – you might be surprised. I certainly was.

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