I have just had my annual mildly traumatic experience of wandering along to the Edinburgh International Book Festival at lunchtime to sit in one of the deck chairs in the sun and write for a few minutes, only to find the sign reminding me that it’s over for another year.  There is a sense of loss each time.  I will write some thoughts about the events I went to this year later, but something else was on my mind today.  Sometimes we read something and it prompts us to do something.  Often it’s not something earth shattering, occasionally it is.  And yet there is then that space between the inspiration and carrying out the act into which many an intention disappears.  Recently, I was reading random blogs on photography and was reminded by someone of the value of always having a camera with you.  It’s not going to be an SLR with several lenses, but getting a photo is better than waiting to have the ideal kit with you and missing everything along the way.  So for the last few weeks, I’ve always had a small camera with me, tucked into a pocket out of sight.  And then at the weekend we were in Peebles, walking by the side of the River Tweed and I spotted a heron standing still with the water rushing by its legs.  And then remembered that I had a camera with me.  I’m glad I did.  It won’t win any prizes, but I was able to capture a memory.


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