New inspiration in old haunts

  I have now discovered that the combination of the end of a school year, coming off a heavy running training schedule and work commitments are anything other than conducive to writing. For the first time many months, I really have not had enough time some days and have been far too tired on others to manage more than a couple of hundred words. And I have accepted that this is not the end of the world. In fact, it will probably prove to have been a good thing, because it has given me something approaching a break, and some mental time away from the actual writing but still with lots of ideas and characters running around in my head.

And so coming to Berlin for a couple of weeks is already doing me good, even if I am still in the ‘getting over work’ stage and therefore not properly relaxed yet. It will come.
This time, we have done some things which are new for us, like visiting the cathedral. Most of the time when we are here, we just enjoy living here for a couple of weeks and don’t do very much that might count as touristy. It tends to be some clothes shopping (the girls have discovered C&A, bit of a time slip for some of us), eating and revisiting anywhere that has good chocolate. And in the process of going to new places, I have already had some more ideas about what my characters might have done or been involved with. There’s nothing like being on the ground and seeing places through their eyes.

And then there has been the fun part of the trip. Like watching LoLo lying down to take a photo of the ceiling of the cathedral and starting to say at apparently random points during the day ‘do you think that would be a good photo?’ Seeing her first developed film might just have given her the bug.
Did you know that they keep bees on the top of the Berlin cathedral? Neither did I until today:


And did you know that the origin of the selfie stick goes back a few hundred years? Tell me that’s not what you see here:


It’s good to be backing my second home. And to see the bag that says ‘I’d rather be living in Berlin’. Although my family thought the ‘Berlin addict’ one was more appropriate.


2 Commentsto New inspiration in old haunts

  1. Margaret McGhee says:

    Didn’t know you were a chip off the old block and had taken up writing fiction.

  2. Anne says:

    Love the ancient selfie stick!

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