Run, don’t walk

Something less serious this week.

I am not, under any circumstances, going to write down my experiences over the last few months trying to get a vaguely functioning (my expectations have sunk that low) broadband service from our old provider which will remain nameless but rhymes with WalkWalk. Suffice it to say that we switched service on Christmas Eve and it now works. But WalkWalk deny any responsibility and are happy to assure me constantly that it wasn’t even their product I have been paying them for for years.  There, I haven’t written about that.

No, instead, how to run in winter.

I have learned that winter involves wet roads, frozen roads, patches of ice and generally very cold weather. Which can be a bit of an issue when you run in sandals.

This is the tread on my normal running sandals:


So not great on ice, and actually not great on wet roads either. I really need to get a new pair before my next race…

So I returned to my FiveFingers days (you know, those funny shoes with separate toe compartments) and got a pair which are waterproof. And still have minimal anything else. They’re warm, dry and I ran 17 miles in them yesterday and enjoyed the run, helped by the fact that it was sunny and the scenery gorgeous throughout. Unfortunately my watch decided it could no longer find any satellites through the clear skies after nine miles, but I was in such a good mood, I just ran on anyway and was more amused than anything. A few years ago it would have seemed like science fiction to have a watch that can somehow link into satellites and tell you your speed and distance. And people managed to run just fine without it.

But I did miss my sandals. They’re just too much fun to run in. I can’t help it, I just smile a lot when I’m trotting along in them. I’m still surprised at the odd looks I get when I run in town, it’s just so normal for me to run in them now. Each to their own…

And today it was not wet or icy, just cold. So I decided to try to crack the ‘how can I wear my sandals in winter’ question and put on a pair of toed socks and my other sandals with some more grip:


This, by the way, counts as ‘more grip’ for me:IMG_0529

Warm feet, happy feet, happy runner. Now if those cars would just give me a slightly wider berth along the main road…

I did say it wouldn’t be serious this week. But it took my mind off of WalkWalk and allowed me to RunRun instead (sorry, couldn’t resist it). Out again tomorrow for another sock and sandal combo.

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  1. CA Clanton says:

    Jon, Try coming to Yuma where there is sun 353 days a year and seldom has ice.

    • Jonathan says:

      Some days, I can definitely see the advantages but I would miss having all the other seasons to look forward to. I do find that you appreciate them more when outside running no matter what the weather!

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