Short and sweet

Well, that’s the end of my two weeks of holiday. ‘Holiday’ does not quite have the meaning it used to do, though, as I spent an awful lot of it writing, researching, reading (three books and half an audiobook while ferrying the girls back and forth). Definitely very productive and if a change is as good as a rest, I should feel well rested. Yes, well, should do is probably accurate. Today was a half marathon distance run, some jobs around the house, including lugging in 160 kg of wood pellets for the boiler, fortunately in smaller amounts, and the rest of the time writing. And waiting for the BT broadband engineer to arrive. He didn’t. It’s a long story involving close to three months of intermittent broadband at home. So slightly frustrating. But apart from that, a productive day and two weeks.

At some point in the past, I must have signed up to get weekly e-mails from Pocket and they are actually one of the e-mails I get which are useful. The ability to save articles to read later and not have to find them again weeks later is incredibly helpful. I wanted to share this one, which is based on some TED talks. It made me think.

And on a lighter note, this was a great advert which I saw in Berlin. I do not of course advocate running in shoes at all, never mind in heels.


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