Shorter and sweeter

Progress on the book… down to just over 100,000 words (think 400 paperback pages), which is 70,000 less than the last version. The truth is that there were some scenes which just weren’t working before and now that I’ve taken a lot of the scaffolding off that was (just about) holding them up, they collapsed immediately and I couldn’t ignore the rubble any more. So now (I think) I’ve sorted them and they do what I always wanted them to. I’m a lot happier with the result. 

This is also the bit where I get pretty process-focused. 

Take number of scenes.

Take number of days until I have to submit.

Divide scenes by days.

Sit down every morning and don’t get up until I’ve edited my nine scenes (again), or I realise I really have to eat something.

So far, so good, and on track.

So that’s all you’re getting this week. Like a novel, sometimes less is more. Or at least better. There’s one other thing, though…

All this rain? It’s not all bad. When you can’t cut the grass or the weeds back, you get something like this growing by the car, and then it rains…

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