So much for that then…

After last week’s heavier content, I needed something a bit lighter today.

This was to have been the week I got to see the results of using a 50 year old camera, having developed the film myself and then scanned it, all of which was meant to be fun. But so far, the next day service (I need chemicals and other odds and sods to develop the film) has been a ‘maybe a week and a half but we aren’t quite sure if we’ve sent the order or not’ kind of scenario. I’m swithering between a bit annoyed and amused that ‘I’ll have to check, can I call you back?’ has yielded no phone call in now over six hours. In the grand scheme of things, what does it really matter? It’ll get to me when it gets to me.

And in the interim, I got to go to not one, but two lovely productions in the last week.


The first was a school (this is the school) performance of Joseph, which is fortunately one of my favourite ‘fun’ musicals. It was a junior school production, so nobody on stage was older than 11 or 12, but I had to check with the director afterwards that that really was the case. They were that good. The costumes were imaginative, colourful (as you might expect) and the singing lovely. I certainly wouldn’t have got up on a stage at that age (nothing has changed since then, mind you) and sung a solo. I was more than happy doing the lighting and sound.

And then ballet number two of the year (so far, the girls have plans for more…). This time it was Romeo and Juliet, performed by the Northern Ballet.


Although the story is well known, it was remarkable to see it performed as a ballet with the storytelling entirely through movement and expression. The set consisted of some bold, basic shapes which were used and reused throughout and the simplicity of it meant it didn’t detract from the dancing. And the dancing was not what I would call classical ballet. I was given an in depth tutorial on the different types of ballet on the way there. Apparently this was modern ballet. A lot of the dances reminded me of West Side Story (itself based on Romeo and Juliet of course), particularly when the two families were fighting each other. The thing which struck me most was the detail of the choreography. Even when the stage was getting pretty full and there were groups of dancers performing the same movements, there were always others towards the sides of the stage who were telling a smaller part of the story through their dancing. Everything on the stage had a purpose and it all came together beautifully. A great few days.

And maybe next week I’ll have some photos. If they turned out. That’s always the question in the back of your mind…

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