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The proud Dad blog

I’m allowing myself a moment to be a proud Dad today. This time it’s not about dance for a change. LoLo has just finished a year-long project as part of what is involved in being in Class 8 in her school. It also involved putting on a big play, and culminates with a month-long exchange to Germany in June. Abbi had the pleasure of the same three big events within a few months when she was in Class 8, but that predates my blog so I will note only that she is currently in Germany visiting her oldest friend (they met when they were babies), having got herself from school to the airport, onto the right plane and to an airport in the middle of nowhere (well, it was Ryanair).

Her project was on black and white film photography (and yes, that meant we were learning alongside each other – I was definitely about two weeks ahead of her in terms of experience). She was using mainly an old Olympus rangefinder camera (as they were so cheap, we bought two so we could use the same type of camera on holidays and compare and contrast results), which meant she had to learn to focus the camera as well as try to work out what would look good (a) as a picture as opposed to what her eye saw and (b) as a black and white photo. And of course she had the joy of developing her films using the chemicals that have in common that they stink, just in different ways. And we learned that one of them is also very effective at staining anything it comes near.

To begin with, we were developing a lot of photos of – what was that meant to be exactly? – largely out of focus. But the point of the project is to learn a new skill and she started coming back with one or two decent photos (cue relieved father), then her success rate started to go up significantly. When the snow came (and I allowed her to use an autofocus camera that even wound the film on for her) we were outside, cars spraying us with hard slush as they shot past, and we discovered that LoLo loves trees. Or at least photos of trees.

So here are some of the better ones. And later ones. For most of them, she was entirely on her own, she just went out with a camera in search of something. The one of the rowers remains my favourite. I couldn’t believe it when that one showed up on a roll of film! It really does show that it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer.

Cover LoLo 50E 2 022

December LoLo 8 015

LoLo 50E 1 14 cropped


August LoLo 50E 2 023

And here she is taking a photo of the texture of the bark of a tree (her idea):

Leica 2015 033

And her bark photo:

LoLo 7 036