What I currently think

Here’s what I currently think. It might be different tomorrow or next year or in a decade. I think that’s called learning. Or being fickle. Or maybe just wrong.

  1. Time is not the issue. Energy is. If I can learn to work better with where I get my energy from and where and how I use it, I will have all the time I need.
  2. We think that money is the issue more often than it really is. Millionaires can be miserable, some of the happiest people I know have the least money.
  3. Loyalty is a good trait. But like most things, it can go too far. Sometimes we do have to say goodbye, walk away.
  4. Most big changes we make are after a break from the norm. And when we do something about it straight away.
  5. Every big change is different from how we imagined it would be.
  6. Good people lie sometimes.
  7. Just because someone has a fancy job title doesn’t mean what they say is worth listening to
  8. Idiots are the biggest energy-sapping source known to man.
  9. Sometimes it’s me that’s someone else’s idiot.
  10. It’s unlikely that I’m going to be either the best or the worst at anything. So I’ll just do the best I can.
  11. Just because someone says something from a pulpit doesn’t make it true.
  12. The people we look up to are rarely the ones who did what everyone else did.
  13. Sometimes we can disagree and both be right.
  14. Sometimes we can disagree and both be wrong.
  15. You should absolutely 100% choose school subjects based on the teacher.
  16. That phrase about death and taxes is wrong. Nothing is certain. Even taxes change. And Jesus cheated on the other one (this is based on the view of my then 4 year old daughter – ‘why did he get a second go?’ Funny the things you remember.)
  17. Saying no is a really good idea more often than we say it.
  18. A high proportion of us think we are better than average at everything. Statistically, this is unlikely to be true.
  19. Reading is always a good thing to do more of.
  20. Nobody suffered from watching too little TV.
  21. There are a lot of people out there doing a lot more good than I am. So what’s my excuse today?
  22. Nothing I have ever accomplished has been on my own. But the mistakes are all mine.
  23. Good parents didn’t become that way by accident.
  24. A good principle is not responsible for my unwillingness to abide by it.
  25. Sometimes we do the wrong thing for all the right reasons.
  26. Try applying the wisdom of perfect hindsight to myself before to someone else.
  27. Some people will like us for the wrong reasons and some people will dislike us for the right reasons. Not just the other way round.
  28. What matters is what will be on our gravestone – our relationships.
  29. Most of my fears are groundless.
  30. Creating something is the most incredible thing we can do.
  31. Writing a book is like raising a child. More work than anyone else will ever know and we will only remember the good bits afterwards.
  32. We judge each other all the time by the cover we see. It doesn’t mean we are right.
  33. The factor that matters most for success in something is whether we care about it. Everything else we can figure out along the way.
  34. Maths is not as important as our teachers told us it was.
  35. We tell our children things which we know from our own experience are not actually true. This approach might be worthy of reconsideration.

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  1. Sounds like a meditations calendar! Each one needing time to ponder.

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