What to do?

I’m struggling today.

I’d like to write something about Oxfam’s report projecting that, in 2016, the richest 1% of the world’s population will own more than the other 99% combined. But I don’t know what to do about that. It doesn’t seem right, does it? But I probably need to read at least three of the books on my current reading list before getting any real idea of what could or should be done to change this crazy situation. And I haven’t even got as far as reading the Oxfam report properly yet.


Notwithstanding the best efforts of our media (Fox News excluded from that, although at least this time they apologised), it’s hard to be able to be properly informed on all the big issues facing us today. Just last week, we had terrorist attacks in Europe, more mass kidnappings in the West of Africa, a blogger in Saudi Arabia continuing to face the prospect of regular floggings (in addition to a long prison sentence and fine) for expressing his opinion. And that’s just the stories which spring to mind. There’s also climate change, government surveillance, and who on earth do you vote for these days?

One of the more useful distribution lists I seem to have got myself on is the Guardian Bookshop’s. So when I got an e-mail telling me there was a sale on, I had to have a peek. And when it turned out the books had about 80% off, I gave in to temptation. Some of them represent at least an attempt by me to delve more deeply into some of the big questions out there. I’m not yet sure if Russell Brand’s book is in that category but it should at least be amusing, and that counts for something!


So I’m trying to get through this little pile as well as the ones which have been lyi

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