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There is no doubt in my mind that I notice more when I am wandering around with a camera. Even if I am trying to get somewhere rather than just walking in a random direction in a city, as I tend to do on holiday, and even if I end up not taking any photos, or not being happy with any of them, I will still have been conscious of a lot more than if I don’t have that constant search for a photo in the back of my mind.

So, with that in mind, here are some things I saw in Berlin (and Poland) these last few weeks. I hope that none of them count as tourist snapshots.

I love my geometric shapes:


This man was playing in Wannsee last year and was still there when we returned this time. I just wished we had longer to sit and listen to him.


Yup, repeating patterns… I love them.


Tree roots by the lake where we stay. The trees are all perfectly happy and healthy:


Buildings like this are built for people like me:


My eye was drawn to the lovely curves of this structure (whatever it is!):


Almost symmetry:


Another building designed for me:


And another – this time in Szczecin (Stettin) – this is in the Philharmonie building.


They do not build bridges like this any more:


Some forms of transport look better than others:


And some have a story attached – this bike was part of commemorating the 25th wedding anniversary of a couple who were doing a bike tour with the two witnesses from their original wedding. They all came back to where they had been married all that time ago, with these lovely balloons adorning their otherwise very functional bikes. We just happened to be passing.


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  1. Penny Casey says:

    Beautiful photos Jonathan. The escalator shot almost nailed the symmetry prize and I liked that most of them are in black and white. I have a fondness for b/w photos. You’re very talented and have a good eye for capturing the feeling of shot, not just the visual.

  2. Patti Liu says:

    I was just given an old Lumix L1 and can hardly wait to try it out in a black and white format. You have just inspired me to get going with it quicker. These are Fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

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