What’s in a bottle?

I’m allowing myself a short blog today. Mainly because I finally have everything to develop my first films at home, and I know it’s going to take a lot longer than it says on the instructions. Last night, I mixed the chemicals. It turns out there’s a reason you wear gloves and that you assume you squirt the concentrate where it’s not supposed to go. But it’s now ready to go. And like most things we do for the first time, it will probably not go as well as I hope (if you could only see what the pictures look like in my head!) and hopefully not as badly as I fear. But it’s all a learning process, and will soon become second nature.

Here’s my question for today – what’s the difference between these two drinks?


We couldn’t tell. We looked at the ingredients. Identical, in the same order. Both fizzy. Both by the same company. So is the only difference the price (guess which one costs more) and the shape of the bottle? I don’t know, but it was an opportunity to remind the girls that marketing departments exist to…

I’m still not buying the fancy bottle.

Off to see what I can make of this film.

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