When only a scone will help

I can now confirm one new thing from personal experience. Running/dancing/cycling/swimming/walking/any other form of exercise is not just beneficial when you are generally well, it also makes a huge difference when you are properly ill. When I commented to my lovely NHS consultant last week that, for the first time, I was feeling really ill, instead of the full force of the NHS being brought to bear on my behalf to deal with this terrible turn of events, he said that the only thing that surprised him about that was that it had taken me so many weeks longer than he would have expected for me to feel ill. It did shut me up, though. And sent me off to bed to stop feeling that I should be getting more done (that is a genetic curse – we can trace it back through our family tree). I think I should have got to that same realisation when my accomplishment the previous week was to have run (actually, jog slowly) for a mile before realising my body was begging me to stop and go home. Of course, by then I was a mile from home, so it meant walking back with the odd lifting of feet to pretend to be running just a little bit. One mile in six weeks is a little below my normal running mileage!

Since then, I have been more than a little grateful for the BBC’s iPlayer, even if our broadband speed is such that I have to set it to download a programme overnight to watch the next day. And I have – finally – discovered the Great British Bake Off. Yes, I have managed not to watch it for however many series it has been running for, but I now think it should be prescribed as something to cheer you up if all you can do is stay in bed and try not to be a nuisance to everyone else. And once I could start to think of food in a positive way again, it made me want to bake something – just not as complex or difficult as some of the creations on Bake Off. Did you see the peacock cake? Remarkable.

I could tell I was feeling better today because I announced in the early afternoon that it was time to bake some scones. The girls have been wanting to make some for a while and today became the day.

One of the best bits about cooking or baking at home is doing it together. Everything seems to go so much faster and having several pairs of hands means a healthy combination of chaos and fun. Of course we used Mary Berry’s recipe (super simple) and we shared our thoughts throughout on what she would have made of our efforts (general conclusion – happy that we were enjoying baking something together; we doubted we would win the technical challenge).

They seemed to turn out fine:


And of course we then had to make a bit of an effort to present them a little better, if nothing like the level or creativity of Bake Off, but then we did start off by having to work out which ingredients we even had. You have to begin somewhere.


We are currently working through the pile, half of which have been frozen for a day when you just want a simple scone. Some days, that is the best medicine. I think I will look back on today as the day I started to get better again, courtesy of the simple scone. Maybe I will even manage a two mile run in a few days!

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  1. Paul Hayes says:

    Hope you are fully well. Did they get the jam and cream treatment?

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